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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Doctor examines the overall health of the eye internally and externally, ocular health status, visual acuity and prescription for glasses and any visual concerns. May also include tests to measure, colour vision, eye muscle movement, alignment, depth perception. This vision and eye health evaluation allow us to screen for glaucoma, elevated eye pressure, age related conditions such as cataract, macular degeneration, diabetic changes in the eyes in diabetic patients. At the end of the exam, the doctor will provide the prescription for your glasses/contacts/summary of the overall health of your eye and a detailed management plan if there are any visual concerns.

  • Eye exams are covered under OHIP for seniors (65 and over) and kids (19 and under) and also for certain medical conditions such as Diabetes for annual eye exams.

  • Billing through ODSP, Ontario works and IFHP (Refugee) services are available for eligible patients

  • If you are not covered under OHIP or other government-funded programs, we offer direct billing on your behalf to most insurance companies for eye exams.

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